Ultra White PACIFIC vitrified tiles is now available

It’s easy to think of icebergs as large pieces of white glacier ice floating on cold grey North Pacific Ocean, impressive by their size and varied shapes, but as with all aspects of nature’s ultra white beauty, design and curiosity clarify in continuing layers as we look within.

Inspired by Whiteness of icebergs floating on North Pacific Ocean, Shreeji Artica has come up with an ultra White PACIFIC vitrified tiles which gives an innocence look to your floor. White has got to be the most common colour in the world. White floor catches harmony, strength and cleanliness to your space. It is the colour of the awakened spirit, the glow of excellence, the illumination of the enormous awareness and represents the integrity of soul. White PACIFIC vitrified tiles is the evolution to the luxurious products available in catalogue of Shreeji Artica. White is the perfect colour and it goes absolutely with everything. According to Feng Sui, White inspires leadership and creativity. It stands for purity when attached to the metal element.

Freshness of White PACIFIC vitrified tiles shows all colors off to their best advantage and doesn’t compete at all. So there’s you have liberty to merge with whatever colour you select for furniture or wall paint in your living room, office cabin or art gallery. White is the most powerful colour in its category so we advise you to use in moderation as to avoid feeling oppressive.

Pratik Patel, BDM
Shreeji Ceramic