Show your Green sTile to the world

Pollution, environment, green house effect, global warming and energy wastage, these all are the prime issues that we keep hearing every often. We have failed to develop as a human being. It’s not about our attitude, habit, background and custom. We have done a lot; in fact we are functioning on this only. But are we missing something? Aren’t we thinking at our forthcoming generation? We have failed to safeguard our future. We don’t see the alerts Mother Nature has been showing at us.

Our discoveries are limitless. We invented so many extra-ordinary items which have brought vast changes to human kind and its living. Now we can touch the heights of cloud by building skyscrapers, we can also generate our own electricity and run hell size machines with a single touch button, even Moon and Mars are not that far anymore. We do whatever we can but do we really think of others living on earth except human kind? You may think for a long to answer this question. In our daily routine we are forgetting our general responsibilities toward nature. As per the today’s lifestyle, it is very important to take strong steps toward our nature. Many of us have started protecting ourselves by taking steps toward making Green Earth but rest of us fail by being an irresponsible. There are plenty who never switch off cars engine at signal or their air condition at our offices and homes. We fail to fill small issues like turning off lights and throw scrap in bins. Let we don’t be mean. Show your humanity to the Earth.

Let’s begin with small easy steps like pull off the electronic devices from the main plug when not in use. Try to avoid using private vehicle when it’s possible and walk to places close at hand. We can also recycle our newspaper and used sheets in many ways. If you are living with a family in a big house, so here we advise you to spend time with everyone in a single room and switch off all electronic devices and lights and please ignore watching television in your room. Make your routine to keep your environment space neat and clean.

What do you think, how and from where we should initiate protecting earth? It’s not like you offer a cheque for the next environmental charity that you see in advertisement. No, this isn’t enough. It wishes you to work out and take immediate actions, no matter how big or little just start it. Do something now!

Pratik Patel, BDM
Shreeji Ceramic

New Year’s Message from the Desk of Director: Happy, Healthy, Successful 2012

Today we are meeting the New Year 2012, and today we look into the future with greater confidence. The New Year indicates the beginning of a better tomorrow. From all of us at Shreeji Ceramic, best wishes of this joyous season! We hope this New Year bring happiness and fulfillment to you and your loved ones.

It is only thanks to the munificent and reliable support of friends like you — from every part of India and from around the globe — that we can look back on a productive year. Every company has its own set of challenges and no one can disagree with that during the past year.

We recognize the vast prospective of the ceramic industry in India and we are focused on maintaining a foremost position as a manufacturer of ceramic tiles in India. Our 12 years of practice in this business translate into a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and potential and reinforce our self-reliance in our upcoming success.

We have experienced a phase of unexpected growth in the past twelve years. Our sales in the India have increased from less than one billion square meter in 1999 to about 8.3 billion in 2011-an enhance of over 730%.

Factories based in the Morbi have a benefit of low energy costs, access to expertise and closeness to markets. This proximity enables the India based suppliers to rapidly counter to the market needs. It is my guess that there will be new, well-organized, and cost-competitive factories built by us in the India in the next few years. These will be world class plants and will compete on every basis: quality, design, service, and cost. Our new factory in Morbi is one such example. Its newly installed kiln, for example, can produce two times the output with less consumption and labour than kilns installed a mere 5 years ago.

But there are challenges. The past and predicted expansion of the industry along with the new channel of distribution being developed requires that those of us in the ceramic industry invest in ourselves. We need to educate our employees and ourselves and to keep current on expertises and trends. To stay undeveloped is to fall behind. I urge all of you to stay involved with our associations, support and attend educational opportunities from all sources, and attend trade show, such as Cevisama – Spain. Through these mediums we will all help to grow our industry and to achieve our profit goals.

As head of the Company, I take pride in what we have achieved together through the year 2011, as much as in what each and every one of you have demonstrated and become. I thank all our customers for your fortitude and understanding. As the New Year is drawing near, on behalf of the Company I would sincerely extend my gratitude and give my best regards to all of you and your families.

On behalf of the board and management of Shreeji Ceramic, I wish you all a safe and fulfilled 2012.

Haribhai Patel
(Head of Shreeji Group)


Our Multicharged vitrified tile is one of the advanced technology for vitrified tiles. This technology is brought on a tiles by using dry body stains (color powders) while the tile is being pressed. Thus veins and designs are found right through the tile’s body. In terms we call it random color feeding system. There are no such confines in colors and patterns for making Multicharged Tiles.

We are getting so many enquiries since we broadcast the launching of Multicharged Tiles. Viewers are keen to know why should they pick our Multicharged Tiles and what are the differences between Multicharged Tiles and Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles? So, here are several advantages of Shreeji Artica’s new product Multicharged Tiles over our elder product Soluble Salt Tiles.
• In Soluble Salt Tiles segment, once the vitrified body being pressed from tile press, Liquid oxides are used to print over green ties where Multicharged Tiles are made of dry powders or colors to bring design before the tile is being pressed in press machines.
• Soluble Salt Tiles are more absorbent due to its printing method but in case of Multicharged Tiles, direct colored powders are used to get non-absorbent surface.
• Most important thing is you cannot expect gigantic design and patterns in S.S. Tiles but Multicharged Tiles can serve you better with roughly unlimited design picks and patterns made with its different kind of manufacturing systems.
• After miniature period S.S. Tiles surface may get dull or scratchy even though with nano+ polished technology whereas Multicharged Tiles stay much brighter and shiny for matchless longer time even with rough use.
• If you are looking for long time use, I must suggest you to select Multicharged Tiles with much better life span. Soluble Salt Tiles have lesser life span as design keeps diminishing.

Overall, our Multicharged tiles are our decent offering if you are not worrying about price tag and can create more attraction in compare to Soluble Salt Tiles. Symbolizing Shreeji Artica’s brand value – “inspired creative”, our tiles are ideal for the Indian floors with attractive patterns, modern look, unrivalled creation and satisfactory value.


Pratik Patel, BDM
Shreeji Ceramic

Ceramic Tiles with Matte Finish

Our enormous numbers of ceramic tiles have collective appeal with their aptitude to merge multiple tiles in one form of design. Since glazed ceramic can catch and spread light for a dramatic effect, why not tone the give the impression of being down with matte for a simple striking wall? Look for combinations of spiny flora-line in a variety of colours or sharp pebble mixed with sand glass for extra deepness. Matte ceramic tile design won’t be flashy, but will still draw the eye with the natural variation of the pattern used.

To keep the design look simple, use matte glaze tile over the entirety of the wall. While this may sound busy, the softly shifting colours that is captivating, rather than shiny or glossy light will offer a rich focal point in the kitchen without centre stage.

You can choose variety of Matte Ceramic Tiles from our ShreejiGold jointless wall collection available with indefinite colour variants and custom sizes. No issue what matte tiles are selected, make sure they are pleasant in colour and texture. A simple wall should put in to the rest of the design by adding deepness and delicate interest, not by drawing the eye for its own sake.

Pratik Patel, BDM
Shreeji Ceramic

Can your room compete?: show your sTILE

show your sTILE

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Birds Need You This Summer

Forests Year Shreeji Ceramic
Birds Need You This Summer

Please SHARE this blog to as many people as you can because they(animals) need you.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”


Pratik Patel (B.D.M.)
Shreeji Ceramic

Temperature Regulating Ceramic Tiles

Shreeji Ceramic
Exterior Microspecks Tiles

Shreeji Ceramic has come up with eco-friendly ceramic wall tiles which utilize UV rays of the sun for adapting the noxious waste of the environment to nitrogenous nourishment for exteriors.

Presently, Shreeji Ceramic is working for summer concept which stabilizes temperature for interiors. Each tile has three important factors: biological, practical and reassure. We are using special glaze of ‘microspeck’ that continuously maintain the room climate to a most favorable level. Property of these microspecks in discharging and soaking up heat rely upon the ambient temperature keeps the internal cool.

In addition, the temperature regulatory function helps to save environment by reducing energy consumption and carbon emission to a considerable point. So it could cut off the power bills of homes and office buildings and keep the environment safer and cleaner.

Pratik Patel (B.D.M.)
Shreeji Ceramic