2016 New Year’s message from our Chairman


Dear All,

Happy new year to all. I hope you will celebrate new year in good spirits with family and friends.

It’s good to look ahead and think about what this year may bring us but first a quick look back. 2015 was quite busy year for all of us. We have achieved huge amount of success in terms of getting new customers on board with building strong relationship with development companies, building strong new pipeline with narrow marketing strategy and increasing our total team size efforts.

We have registered a significant growth in 2015 in domestic as well as international market. I am very much hopeful that our tiles manufacturing capacity will double in coming year. Our ratio of getting new customer on board has increased drastically. Recent exhibition at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar by ABKKPY 2015 will definitely bring lots of customer in coming days.

Delivering quality products and services will continue to be the core of Shreeji Ceramic’s business. To realize the full benefit of these activities, we also need to make sure that potential customers are familiar with our brands and aware of our products. We are exploring new materials and chemistry solutions in order to make tiles thinner, lighter weight and stronger. Our research is aimed at delivering exception range, well beyond anything available in the market today.

The current circumstances are all quite motivating to work in Indian market. “We are confident that India economy would grow 9-10 percent everywhere.” There is a huge demand for ceramic and vitrified tiles in India. I am confident that initiatives like ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Housing For All’ will boost volumes for the overall tiles industry. Whereas we also believe that ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ initiatives will surely empower local tile manufacturing. So it is important for us to use our opportunity wisely and move forward in 2016. We must not lose sight of our priority.

India is becoming ceramic industry hub worldwide. Our export to Africa, middle-east and ASEAN nations has grown in double digits. Raw material and tools which we import from China are sharply decreasing due to “Make in India” effect and I strongly consider that soon we will introduce 100% made in India tiles to the globe.

I would like to thank you my team member, clients, family members, suppliers and staff for their significant support and dedication during challenges times in 2015. While we have successfully separated team operationally, we need to continue to work together in order to create successful business and happy customers. That will only be possible with your continued dedication and teamwork.

Coming year will bring its own challenges but I’m sure by working together, keeping focused on our priorities and putting our customers first we can realize for ambitions. There will certainly continue to be my priorities.

Let’s get right back to it in 2016.

Haribhai Patel

Chairman, Shreeji Ceramic

Happy and Swachh 2015


Wishing you all a Happy & Swachh 2015.

Let’s pledge this 2015 towards cleanliness.

It is our duty to serve Mother India by keeping the country neat and clean. Let us join hands together with our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Swachh Bharat Mission.

OATH FOR 2015:

“As a citizen of India, I commit that I will not throw any garbage/waste on road, street but throw only in dustbin or location provided for same.

I shall also spread this message with near and dear ones + my facebook/twitter friends.”

Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic

Best wishes for continued success in 2015 – A message from our head


Dear Colleagues,

As we welcome the New Year 2015 in India, for some reason I feel an even greater sense of anticipation than usual. Let me begin by wishing you all happiness and prosperity in the New Year!

It’s been an eventful 15 years in Ceramic industry. Despite challenges, I thanks to sacrifice and dedication from our employees to enhance our competitiveness, the company added record number of “happy customers” to the list.

I want to thank you, our dealers and suppliers, for your continued trust and support in making this possible and would like to elaborate on key achievements during the past years.

In this continuously harsh business environment, overcoming hurdles and addressing challenges requires the cooperation of our management, labour, dealers and suppliers. We must communicate closely to ensure that our workplaces remain truly safe and strong. These will certainly continue to be my priorities and I am convinced I can count on you to do the same.

2015 is upon us, and possibilities are endless. Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and successful New Year. Enjoy!

Haribhai Patel

Head of Shreeji Ceramic

New Year’s Message from the Desk of Director: Happy, Healthy, Successful 2012

Today we are meeting the New Year 2012, and today we look into the future with greater confidence. The New Year indicates the beginning of a better tomorrow. From all of us at Shreeji Ceramic, best wishes of this joyous season! We hope this New Year bring happiness and fulfillment to you and your loved ones.

It is only thanks to the munificent and reliable support of friends like you — from every part of India and from around the globe — that we can look back on a productive year. Every company has its own set of challenges and no one can disagree with that during the past year.

We recognize the vast prospective of the ceramic industry in India and we are focused on maintaining a foremost position as a manufacturer of ceramic tiles in India. Our 12 years of practice in this business translate into a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and potential and reinforce our self-reliance in our upcoming success.

We have experienced a phase of unexpected growth in the past twelve years. Our sales in the India have increased from less than one billion square meter in 1999 to about 8.3 billion in 2011-an enhance of over 730%.

Factories based in the Morbi have a benefit of low energy costs, access to expertise and closeness to markets. This proximity enables the India based suppliers to rapidly counter to the market needs. It is my guess that there will be new, well-organized, and cost-competitive factories built by us in the India in the next few years. These will be world class plants and will compete on every basis: quality, design, service, and cost. Our new factory in Morbi is one such example. Its newly installed kiln, for example, can produce two times the output with less consumption and labour than kilns installed a mere 5 years ago.

But there are challenges. The past and predicted expansion of the industry along with the new channel of distribution being developed requires that those of us in the ceramic industry invest in ourselves. We need to educate our employees and ourselves and to keep current on expertises and trends. To stay undeveloped is to fall behind. I urge all of you to stay involved with our associations, support and attend educational opportunities from all sources, and attend trade show, such as Cevisama – Spain. Through these mediums we will all help to grow our industry and to achieve our profit goals.

As head of the Company, I take pride in what we have achieved together through the year 2011, as much as in what each and every one of you have demonstrated and become. I thank all our customers for your fortitude and understanding. As the New Year is drawing near, on behalf of the Company I would sincerely extend my gratitude and give my best regards to all of you and your families.

On behalf of the board and management of Shreeji Ceramic, I wish you all a safe and fulfilled 2012.

Haribhai Patel
(Head of Shreeji Group)