World’s 3rd largest tile market with sufficient raw material and young workforce that is enough to serve over 1.25billion consumer market. Now, Government of India targets 30 million “homes for every Indian family” by 2022 and that will definitely require more and more tiles..

Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic

Happy and Swachh 2015


Wishing you all a Happy & Swachh 2015.

Let’s pledge this 2015 towards cleanliness.

It is our duty to serve Mother India by keeping the country neat and clean. Let us join hands together with our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Swachh Bharat Mission.

OATH FOR 2015:

“As a citizen of India, I commit that I will not throw any garbage/waste on road, street but throw only in dustbin or location provided for same.

I shall also spread this message with near and dear ones + my facebook/twitter friends.”

Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic

Best wishes for continued success in 2015 – A message from our head


Dear Colleagues,

As we welcome the New Year 2015 in India, for some reason I feel an even greater sense of anticipation than usual. Let me begin by wishing you all happiness and prosperity in the New Year!

It’s been an eventful 15 years in Ceramic industry. Despite challenges, I thanks to sacrifice and dedication from our employees to enhance our competitiveness, the company added record number of “happy customers” to the list.

I want to thank you, our dealers and suppliers, for your continued trust and support in making this possible and would like to elaborate on key achievements during the past years.

In this continuously harsh business environment, overcoming hurdles and addressing challenges requires the cooperation of our management, labour, dealers and suppliers. We must communicate closely to ensure that our workplaces remain truly safe and strong. These will certainly continue to be my priorities and I am convinced I can count on you to do the same.

2015 is upon us, and possibilities are endless. Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and successful New Year. Enjoy!

Haribhai Patel

Head of Shreeji Ceramic

Why tiles for Swachh Bharat?

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi seems to have inspired many Indians. Swachh Bharat Mission is not only aimed to cleanliness of our surroundings but it indirectly leads us to improve the standard of living and lifestyle by being healthy and hygienic.
Cleanliness has in fact become a perception issue with our civilisation. When we ourselves doesn’t like to step into mud, why do we need to create mud then?
There always lies a better solution to all problems. Now a days tiles are being used at public places such as toilets, bus stations, railway stations, elevation, footpath, hospitals, malls, and other such places. Tiles will not only beautify the place but it can play a big role to change the perception towards not making it dirty.


Modern tiles are made with less water absorption upto 0.05% that prevents getting stain. The glossy surface avoids dirt to stay and it’s easy to clean and easy to fit. Tiles have long life than regular paint.
Shreeji Ceramic provides you ISO certified wall and floor tiles that helps you make your interiors and exteriors more clean and hygienic. Swachh Bharat is definitely possible if we act upon it and tiles can play a major role in beautifying India.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see”. Inspired by his words, #showyourStile with creative and innovative ideas to make your neighbourhood and our country hygienic place to live in.

Let’s work together towards success of Swachh Bharat Mission.

Kinjal Patel, BDM

Shreeji Ceramic

145th Gandhi Jayanti – एक कदम स्वच्छता की और . . .

Final Poster

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace and the Father of the nation was born on 2nd October 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat. He was the epitome of peace, non-violence, truth and duty. His life and his teachings reflect the values of our country and the values of humanity. He played a very significant role as an architect of Indian Independence.

He had inclination for cleanliness in his personal habits. Mahatma Gandhi believed that Sanitation is more important than independence.

To pay tribute to him on his 145th Birth Anniversary on October 2nd, 2014, our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mass movement for a change in human attitude towards cleanliness and sanitation and to create a clean India of Gandhiji’s dream by his 150th birth anniversary in 2019.

Let us devote some time towards Swachhata (cleanliness) in the memory of the man who attained Swarajya (independence) for our motherland. This pre – Diwali, let’s just not only clean our homes but take initiative to extend our hands to clean our neighbourhood and our country.

Together we can make a big difference. Let’s unite hands and pledge to make this mass movement a big success. Let’s make India clean and healthy in all aspects.

#ShowyoursTile to whole heartily join the countrywide cleanliness drive.
Ek kadam swachhta ki aur.

Kinjal Patel, BDM

Shreeji Ceramic

Shreeji Ceramic – Official Sponsor of Ambition Cup 2014

India’s leading ceramic tiles manufacturer Shreeji Ceramic announced its sponsorship to the Timber Point Organized Ambition Cricket Cup – 2014.


While announcing support for the Timber Point organized Cricket tournament, Mr. Haribhai Patel said that, “Shreeji Ceramic is committed to strengthening the support to sports in various forms and encourage young generation from all corners to take up sports. I take great pleasure and pride in announcing our sponsorship.”

The Ambition Cricket Cup will be held at Ahmedabad, from 27th October 2014.

Pratik Patel, BDE
Shreeji Ceramic

Trends in Tiles: What’s new?


Tiles have been used for centuries in home finishing and décor. Now, technology has made the possibilities of the design endless in view of different materials, colors and sizes available. Ceramic and Vitrified tiles are commonly used for the bathroom and the kitchen because of its resistance against water and moisture.

Our current Trends show that tiles are now applied to more than just living room, kitchen and the bath. Now, tiles have become popular as exterior walkway and garage floors. Moreover, it has also been used in other indoor areas to highlight on bedroom walls and even ceilings. In most of these indoor areas, decorative tiles or those digital printed by Colorup are the preferred choice.

Other than different applications, trends have also moved towards different designs and materials. Digitally printed tiles made to like natural stone have become more popular. These tiles tend to look more luxurious and elegant than the common glazed ceramic tiles. Digital printing gives opportunity to have the deeper hues in around 480 ppi. Since these newer type of tiles have infinite designs, many homeowners and designers have also opted to mix them with stone carving and fixed wood furniture. It gives a customized look, especially if applied as mosaic.

Due to versatility of tiles and numerous options available, Colorup digital tiles now bring out the creativity in designers and homeowners. Why settle for the ordinary when the best can shine through a complement of colors, materials and application? And despite the advent of new materials and technology improvement, tiles will continue to be used as a unique décor and finish just as it had been centuries ago.


Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic

It’s here! Shreeji Ceramic launches new company website: www.shreejicera.com

Shreeji Ceramic, leading player in ceramic tile industry, is excited to announce the launch of its new website as part of rebranding strategy to showcase its products and far-reaching capabilities. The new and improved website handily meets those first two items, and then some! We simplified the top navigation, making it easy and user friendly as well as give clean and speedy access to other useful material such as TileGuide and Company Profile. We will be rolling out new pages and functionality over the coming months, and hope that you enjoy visiting our new website.

new web and app store copy

On launching event, Mr. Haribhai Patel, head of Shreeji Ceramic commented: “I am very pleased our online presence will now accurately reflect our technologically forward approach to design and production.”

WordPress posts are also placed prominently in bottom of every page, making it easy to keep up with the latest news and developments in our industry. The new website is visually rich, and as I mentioned earlier, the “under-the-hood” mechanics are easier for us to use, so we can bring you more great content quickly.

The website is an essential resource for customers, enabling tile dealers, residential and commercial designers and homeowners alike to directly order samples, contact with our sales team and download our latest catalogues. On this occasion we would like to thanks waywebsolution.com, we really appreciate your help with our website building and smartphone app. It looks astounding, you have a done an amazing job and we are very with it.

Our smartphone and tablet visitor appreciated the “responsive design” of our Android and iOS app which were released earlier this year. There will be a major update on-the-air, where you may see all new product viewing experience and search options. Please check for any updates available in your Playstore or AppStore. As we promised earlier, we are continually modifying our online content and keeping you up to date with the latest innovation, product launching or useful information.

We will be rolling out new pages and functionality over the coming months, and hope that you enjoy visiting our new website. However, due to significant changes in the website architecture, we know there may be digital hiccups and you may experience virtual road blocks along the way. There is where we need your help!

Please email us at info@shreejicera.com if you see a broken link or feel that something should be reviewed or enhanced. We will do our best to perfect your browsing experience.

To explore the new website and offerings, visit www.shreejicera.com


Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic


Colorup FIFA TILE: Ultimate inspiration for The Football Fan

#FifaWorldCup event that decides the best football (or soccer) team on the planet is set to kick off soon. This year football fever on the web is unquestionably stronger than it was in earlier events. Social media trending about football updates, big brands in market using promotional items to their advantage with smart ads. Football is everywhere and it is the most favourite sport in the world.

Fifa Tile Colorup

Our team constantly interact with interior designers and get up-to-date with trending style to know the mood of people. In this football season, our designers are bringing out football related FIFA TILE for walls to attract in our customers who are passionate about the game.

Besides, we have over three thousand designs and patterns to choose from in almost all popular shapes, sizes and colors to help you create your own piece of tile art fit for any room of the home so that you can proudly #ShowYourStile to your friends and relatives when they come to your home. Also, we recommend you to view our collection at the comfort of your home. Our smartphone app: “Shreeji Ceramic Tile Store” for iPhone and Android users are available to download for free.

Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic