>Tile may be the perfect option for your life.


Come into our showroom and see for yourself why tile may be the perfect option to fit both your residence and your lifestyle.

Features of Ceramic Tile
·         Boundless selection of colour, pattern and texture
·         Fits any budget
·         Exceptionally durable, escalating the value of your home
·         Holds temperature longer
·         Simple to clean
·         Everlasting finish never fades or discolours
·         Environmentally friendly
Features of Vitrified Tiles
·         Lasts a lifetime when installed properly
·         Non-porous, neat, luxurious and beautiful
·         Very solid and strong
·         Low maintenance and extremely resistance to abrasion
·         Enormously hygienic and Environment friendly
All of our ceramic and vitrified tiles are completely natural and healthy for your environment.
Choosing ceramic or natural stone for your home is one of the most environmentally friendly decisions you can make. Both are composed of pure clays and minerals.
Our tile is made of natural raw materials, which are abundant in environment. The manufacturing process fabricates no harmful emissions and waste water is generally recycled. The long life of ceramic tile means less waste.
Moreover, our extraordinary technical qualities give tiles significant advantages over alternative floor and wall coverings.
Pratik Patel (B.D.M.)
Shreeji Ceramic Ind.
Morbi – INDIA

>Doing bit for Environment. Shreeji People Makes it true.


Before few months ago, we, the Shreeji Group has initiated Going Green Society at workplace by saving excessive misuse of natural products. This act was basically taken to save trees as well as fuel and money. Now days, we keep reusing paper through store up the blank side of any printed paper, and in result the total number of paper consumption graph has gone decreased by 25% within 6 months. It’s very easy and possible step that all we could do in our routine.

A greener workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive place to work. Whether you’re, the boss or the employee, whether your office is green already or still waiting to see the light, some practical steps can lay the foundation for a healthy, low-impact & environment friendly workspace.
Does anyone know that HP Environment offers recycling of empty printer cartridges by saving production for superfluous plastic? That’s very bit but affordable and convenient service in saving environment. Since last 5 months, Shreeji Group has returned up to 35 empty cartridges to HP and helped environment to keep it clean.

From how you get to work, we recommend telecommuting method. Please do not print as you see email in your screen. First you Read it then only Print if necessary. Shreeji Group is now in action to grow more and more trees around factory building and make the area Green and Clean.
Thanks to all our supportive and hard working Going Green Society. Wish them all a very glad success in golden effort towards our Earth.
Go Green…..

Pratik Patel (Business Development Management)
Shreeji Ceramic Ind.
Morbi – INDIA

>Ceramic Industry in India.


Ceramic Industry in India is about 100 years old. It comprises ceramic tile, sanitary ware, vitrified tile called as ” man-made granite” and some crockery items. Ceramic Products are manufactured both in large and small scale sector with wide variety of type, size, quality and some standards.
India have achieved rank 5th in the world in term of production of ceramic tiles. Indian ceramic goods are being manufactured with the technology adopted by international standard.
Indian tiles are are competitive in the international market. These goods are largely exported to East and West Asian regions, European countries and USA. Now a days number of consumption of Indian Ceramic is getting popular in every corner of the world.
The main benefit are this industry in India is highly labour intensive while in developed countries like USA, UK and other countries adopt fully automation. But with that Indian market is also struggling in production capacity with second machinery and old technology. Quality and innovation is rarely occur first before these developed countries.
The only solutions is the equipments are old and need to be updated to fight international market. We require new design and latest concept of  Industry. Technology should be developed and created only in nation. R&D should be done on regular basis.
– Pratik Patel
(*sources: ceramic industry news **Researched by Shreeji Group.)