>Ceramic Industry in India.


Ceramic Industry in India is about 100 years old. It comprises ceramic tile, sanitary ware, vitrified tile called as ” man-made granite” and some crockery items. Ceramic Products are manufactured both in large and small scale sector with wide variety of type, size, quality and some standards.
India have achieved rank 5th in the world in term of production of ceramic tiles. Indian ceramic goods are being manufactured with the technology adopted by international standard.
Indian tiles are are competitive in the international market. These goods are largely exported to East and West Asian regions, European countries and USA. Now a days number of consumption of Indian Ceramic is getting popular in every corner of the world.
The main benefit are this industry in India is highly labour intensive while in developed countries like USA, UK and other countries adopt fully automation. But with that Indian market is also struggling in production capacity with second machinery and old technology. Quality and innovation is rarely occur first before these developed countries.
The only solutions is the equipments are old and need to be updated to fight international market. We require new design and latest concept of  Industry. Technology should be developed and created only in nation. R&D should be done on regular basis.
– Pratik Patel
(*sources: ceramic industry news **Researched by Shreeji Group.)