About us

About Us

“Your home is an essential part of you. It reflects your personality and taste and says something about who you are but a home has to be practical.”

Shreeji Ceramic is a leading player in ceramic tiles sector. A family owned company with knowledge and improvement capability, inventiveness and design, tradition and customs, a passion for ceramics and environment alertness which have been essential living spaces since 1985, combining aesthetics and top quality materials.

For decades now, Shreeji Ceramic has been developing and contribution the bazaar new areas of application of ceramics, providing architects with products that carry stupendous technical characteristics, through the all Shreeji Ceramic brands.

Specialised in the production and sale of ceramic wall tiles and polished vitrified tiles for vertical surfaces focus to high strain and horizontal surfaces focus to heavy traffic, for over a decade has been the favoured selection of architects and designers when it combines to huge scale projects and buildings wanting materials that promise marvellous technical act: rigidity, resistance to scratch and stains, slip-resistance, ease of maintenance, large sizes, vital aesthetics are indeed the key description of Shreeji Ceramic products.



CEO Message

Dear Shreeji Ceramic partners and well wishers.

Due to the recent retail boom and new market trends in the ceramic sector, there is a lot of potential for Indian Ceramic industry to become the leading ceramic hub of the world.

It is indeed a proud moment for Shreeji Ceramic to retain its position as the India’s mounting ceramic manufacturer and undoubtedly, every Shreeji Ceramic employee, partner and client has played a major role towards the achievement of such a milestone which may have been unimaginable when we started production in 1999. I thank our clientele for their support and assurance to continue enhancing happiness from a groupwide outlook while remaining constantly aware that customers are the core of our business.

Many developments took place at Shreeji Ceramic till the date. We focussed on developing new market segments and we were able to tap new markets by launching 800x800mm Multi-charged Vitrified Tiles & Ultra Pacific White Vitrified Tiles that has generated over-whelming response from our clients. We have recently launched Colorup Digital Printed Tiles Collection targeting India’s finest art seeking consumer segment that was not tapped earlier. Parking Proof Vitrified Tiles, which has achieved a remarkable credit. The key to our success is ability to continuously develop innovative new range of products and anticipate the market requirements. So, we hope to continue with this success story in upcoming years.

It has become more difficult than ever to forecast the future due to the increasing competitiveness in our global business environment. To ensure that our company can overcome unforeseeable conditions and continue moving forward, we must accurately assess our environment, make sound decisions and then act quickly, which includes constantly prioritizing our activities and being creative. At the same time, we must speed up our operations by simplifying management structure, clarifying key challenges and communicating closely. As an organization, we have always believed in the importance of communication. The social media is a powerful medium of communication, so we have ensured that ours is up-to-date and informative. We shall continue to forge innovative technology-driven marketing tools to cater to the needs of our tech-savvy customers.

I earnestly believe that the upcoming years will be more challenging and we are confident that we will be able to triumph over any hesitant barriers to ensure Shreeji Ceramic’s continued growth and progression of our brand development plans. I hope to see continued support from our clientele to ensure this decade is scripted as another successful era in the magnificent chapters of Shreeji Ceramic’s history.

Haribhai Patel
(Head of Shreeji Ceramic)




“We are implementing company-wide green initiatives. We recycle everything.”

Ceramic manufacturers and their suppliers have been busy rolling out ‘green’ products to meet the demands of consumer seeking products that are more environmentally friendly. But behind scenes, these same companies are making significant changes to their manufacturing operations – in part to reduce their use of natural resources and to save money.

“We are implementing company-wide green initiatives. We recycle everything.” says Haribhai Patel, head of Shreeji Ceramic. We operate nearly dozen production lines in four state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Morbi (India) to manufacture a full range of ceramic wall and vitrified floor tiles.

In mid of 2012, the company started a new multi-charged vitrified tiles plant in Morbi. The facility incorporates several other green practices that will make their way into the other Shreeji Ceramic plants. Our commitment to environmentally friendly efficiencies created a new culture within the company and fostered a new way of thinking about solving problems. While going green requires an upfront investment and a dedication from management, the rewards and benefits to the entire company are worth the effort.

Our one of wall tiles plant had been redesigned inside and out to preserve its character while applying completely new technologies in order to improve production efficiency and produce most recent products. The oldest plant in our group is also now under modification.

By incorporating advanced technologies into the production lines, we are able to increase production, improve products quality, save energy and protect the environment. We believe that one of the most important factors of success for business to employ, train and motivate top notch personnel and provide better working area for labour tirelessly and make our plants run at high capacity that meets our valuable customers continuous needs.

2013, we have increased manufacturing capacity with the addition of two production kiln lines to target the rapidly growing demand of the high-definition digital printed wall tiles in a variety of sizes.

Protecting people and the environment is our goal while manufacturing and delivering superior products to our clients. We are improving our manufacturing plants and helping the planet because we believe in “Green Company Green Earth”.


Happy Clients

“Shreeji Ceramic products are a timeless, luxurious and durable choice that offers a unique opportunity for self-expression because of its detail, flexibility and sheer beauty.”
– Ar. Vijay Sankhla, (Architect)
Sankhla Associates, Nashik, INDIA.

“The home is like a holiday destination for me. Ceramic tiles have been popular material for interior and exterior decoration for couple of years. Shreeji Ceramic tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colors.”
– Jennefer B. Wong, (Designer)
Ozamis, Philippines

“Wall tiles are extremely durable and the variety available is quite extensive. The most important advantage in using wall tiles is the consistency that can be achieved in sizes, colors, textures and finishes.”
– Jennefer B. Wong, (Designer)
Ozamis, Philippines

Whatever the tile you choose, it’s important to you.

Whether you are planning for renovation, building new house, modifying bathrooms or kitchen – you want the best in attractive tiles. You want your home to be a reflection of your standards, taste and personal style, because “Your home is an essential part of you”.

We, Shreeji Ceramic for over 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our clients transform their homes and workspaces into place of beauty, inspiration, peace and renewal. We have a deep respect to what you want and need. From initial “inspired creative” talk through the design segment and market research, we are with you every step of the way.

Our clients tell us that when our tiles are installed, this is in fact they experience less stress, money joy and greater pleasure. We, Shreeji Ceramic take great preference in offering incorporation of head, heart and hand from each artist to every client.

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