2014-15 Accounting Year End is approaching.



Dear Accountants,

The good news is that the world didn’t end on 21 December 2012 as the Mayans had predicted. The bad news is you still need to work on your accounting.


Here are some tips in the form of a checklist so you can avoid overpaying. It’s important you do this before close your books for 2014-15.

  1. Settle your bank accounts
  2. Complete your invoicing
  3. Record all your supplier bills
  4. Write off bad debts
  5. Record your depreciation
  6. Handle prepaid expenses
  7. Close out the owner’s draw
  8. Don’t miss the last (s)mile

We hope this checklist will come in handy for your fiscal year end and beyond.


Wish you a happy 2015-16 Accounting Year.

Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic



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Shreeji Ceramic

Your home is an essential part of you. It reflects your personality and taste and says something about who you are but a Home also has to be practical. SHREEJI ceramic offers customary & exclusive wall and vitrified tiles in all sizes with drops of art and fashion. Our inspirational range of contemporary designs finishes and colour schemes is the perfect combination of form function for today's lifestyle. “Excellence” is a way of Life at Shreeji Ceramic Ind., it knows no boundaries nor is it a fixed standard. It is a “state” that is continuously changing and evolving. It pushes us to reach even more challenging Standards of Performance.

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