Anti-bacterial Tiles: Swine Flu (H1N1) can be avoided!


Tiles have become a lifestyle statement, be it on your floors or walls of your bathroom, kitchen or living space. They have left mosaic, marble and wooden flooring far behind. But if one goes by what expert suggest, in times to come you can expect continuous technologies advances in tiles for homes and office.

Besides being beautifully designed and advanced in terms of style, Shreeji Ceramic have special anti-bacterial Vitrified tiles which help to keep germs away from your family and also don’t let the germs grow causing health hazards for your family.

You might be aware that the new version of swine influenza virus (H1N1) is spreading from person to person by the normal transmission routes associated with colds and seasonal influenza. These Viral particles can survive on any surfaces for certain periods. Thus, a regular and targeted regime of surface cleaning is helpful to prevent the spread of swine flu.

Our internal research says antibacterial tiles are tiles that, by nature, resist germs. The tiles usually made from clay, have mineral particles such as titanium dioxide embedded in them. It won’t kill viruses but when sunlight or artificial UVA light falls on the tiles, the reaction with titanium dioxide would kill the bacteria. It’s always best to take precautions than to treat the disease after getting infected. To prevent illness and infection, proper hygienic practices and cleanliness measures are required. It is important to have a safe and healthy home that keep your floor, kitchen and bathroom germ-free.

While Vitrified tiles offers better sanitation, we recommend standard hygienic practices be followed for maximum protection. Like other ordinary tiles, you can keep your floor clean with mild soaps or detergent.

Swine Flu can be avoided with some simple steps. Besides regularly clean floor and walls, protect yourself against the H1N1 by adopting some easy measures:

-Wash your hands often with soap and water especially after you cough or sneeze.

-Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

-Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs easily spread that way.

And if you think you caught in Swine Flu – please stay home and call your GP.

Spread the words. Not the germs.

Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic

Published by

Shreeji Ceramic

Your home is an essential part of you. It reflects your personality and taste and says something about who you are but a Home also has to be practical. SHREEJI ceramic offers customary & exclusive wall and vitrified tiles in all sizes with drops of art and fashion. Our inspirational range of contemporary designs finishes and colour schemes is the perfect combination of form function for today's lifestyle. “Excellence” is a way of Life at Shreeji Ceramic Ind., it knows no boundaries nor is it a fixed standard. It is a “state” that is continuously changing and evolving. It pushes us to reach even more challenging Standards of Performance.

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