Perfect for use throughout the home – Ceramic Tiles

We have come a long way from just using plain white ceramic tiles.

With colorful stain free floor tiles, digitally printed wall tiles, anti-skid and parking-proof options available, to name a few, the vast array of options is endless and tiles are very often used to make a statement. But now there is a new tile fashion brand ‘COLORUP’ meaning that ceramic tiles are leaving the comfort of the kitchen and bathroom and spreading their wings into every room in the house. Current trend depicts that Tiles are not boring at all. The changeability of them means that they can be used for a number of different projects, in number of different part of house.

Colorup Digital Wall Tiles by Shreeji Ceramic

In last 2 years, Shreeji Ceramic has put its foot forward in digital printing technology for its wall tile collection. Customers are demanding the most trending fashion in ceramic tiles. They are adapting new ways to decorate their home using creative and uniquely designed ceramic tiles. Since digital printing technology launched, home owners’ uses ceramic tiles to create pictures and is fast becoming an increasingly popular way to adding a focal point to a room. Whether that’s using tiles to create a cleanable pictures in a child’s bedroom, or printing personal images onto tiles to create a “custom-made” piece of art.

After launch of Colorup Digital Printed Tile for Walls, we’ve experienced an excited feeling inside a showroom. Customer take a trip to our showroom with completely new meaning. We get hundreds of feedback and queries related to latest trend and market demand every often and that’s what make us “inspired creative.”

Fashion has no end, and thus we believe in adaptation of fashion trend is the most successful way to deliver our customers with great satisfaction. Shreeji Ceramic collection is the perfect option to look, as it has a wide range of ceramic tiles and polished vitrified tiles which would make your room a great piece of art.

Our team constantly interact with interior designers around the nation to know the mood of people, and in our research we have found out that most number of home owners want feature walls to look an imaginative model of graphic arts. Our advice to those people using patterned wallpaper or brightly colored paint on one wall in a room, how about adding a twist and replacing the wallpaper and paint with digitally printed tiles? With the sheer amount of different tiled options available, adding a tiled feature wall could also bring some extra glamour to a room or give extremely clean, modern and contemporary feel.

We have over three thousand designs and patterns to choose from in almost all popular shapes, sizes and colors to help you create your own piece of tile art fit for any room of the home so that you can proudly #ShowYourStile to your friends and relatives.

Also, we recommend you view our collection at the comfort of your home. Our smartphone app: “Shreeji Ceramic Tile Store” for iPhone and Android users are available to download for free.

Pratik Patel, BDE
Shreeji Ceramic



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Shreeji Ceramic

Your home is an essential part of you. It reflects your personality and taste and says something about who you are but a Home also has to be practical. SHREEJI ceramic offers customary & exclusive wall and vitrified tiles in all sizes with drops of art and fashion. Our inspirational range of contemporary designs finishes and colour schemes is the perfect combination of form function for today's lifestyle. “Excellence” is a way of Life at Shreeji Ceramic Ind., it knows no boundaries nor is it a fixed standard. It is a “state” that is continuously changing and evolving. It pushes us to reach even more challenging Standards of Performance.

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