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If a basic, single type of tile design isn’t your cup of tea then SHREEJI Artica team could be the best place to contact. Our aim is to make people aware of latest trend and ideas for innovative homes and corporate.

We assist people with their own designs and choices, and let them create their imagination in realism.

Combining styles and patterns of ceramic tiles with floor and wall products can give a room a unique and aesthetic balance. Wall tile style usually come in smaller size and with higher gloss, and large floor tiles are designed to adhere to walls.  Use of multiple tiles to create a colored, textured mixture with a personality all its own. Likewise, put your ties in a bag, and smash them to pieces with a hammer to create little tiles of different shapes and sizes. Now you are free to put in random way within anyone’s imagination.

In addition to styles, we also provide decorative tiles that can be used to create intricate patterns and borders. Patterned borders comprised of different size tiles or different colors can create timeless looks. Simple variations in color, shape or size can be patterned within the same room or across several adjoining rooms. 

The tile that is most prominent throughout the largest areas is called the SHREEJI Artica.

Pratik Patel (B.D.M.)
Shreeji Ceramic Ind.
Morbi (INDIA)

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Shreeji Ceramic

Your home is an essential part of you. It reflects your personality and taste and says something about who you are but a Home also has to be practical. SHREEJI ceramic offers customary & exclusive wall and vitrified tiles in all sizes with drops of art and fashion. Our inspirational range of contemporary designs finishes and colour schemes is the perfect combination of form function for today's lifestyle. “Excellence” is a way of Life at Shreeji Ceramic Ind., it knows no boundaries nor is it a fixed standard. It is a “state” that is continuously changing and evolving. It pushes us to reach even more challenging Standards of Performance.

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